Important Q&A's


What's The Difference from Your Treatment vs Others?

Other companies may use Olive Oil, Dish soap, Essential oils, Heated machines or enzyme base products as their removal treatment. Many of the heat treatment systems are costly, time-consuming and frustrating for families. However Our Treatment is 100% All Natural & essential oil free. Our ingredients contain cold pressed Lime oil as it is a natural antiseptic to help heal your scalp from any irritation and bites from the lice. Our cold pressed Banana oil helps restore moisture to your hair and scalp especially if you've done an over the counter chemical treatment or suffer from dandruff. Our coconut oil acts as a natural repellent and kills lice by melting their exoskeleton. All these combined in our special conditioning cream helps remove the lice and eggs successfully when we manually comb your hair as they all glide right out pain free! After our treatment you are left with an amazing hair treatment and your Lice Free! Guaranteed

What is the process of Your Head Lice Treatment?

*Step 1-​ We apply our conditioning cream Treatment and Thoroughly comb out all Lice and eggs manually.
*Step 2- We then look through the hair under a lighted magnifying lens to insure complete success.
*After our Treatment we recommend you to follow our post care instructions.

​​*The entire treatment is normally an hour long and the child or adult can return to school or work IMMEDIATELY. Your treatment combined with our follow-up instructions will eradicate all lice infestations.

What about Super Lice?

​Since Our method is complete extraction, we eliminate all stages of lice including SUPER LICE. No chemicals, Essential oils, or other suffocating products are used to remove the lice.  We use a cream that loosens the eggs from the hair as we comb them out with our Professional Metal Nit Comb. Its the safest and fastest way of Lice Removal and for instant relief.

What is Your Guarantee?
We give you our 100% guarantee that after our treatment and once the comb out schedule and all after care instructions are completed you will be Lice free.​ However it is imperative to follow our complete instructions for after care and cleaning, Cross contamination from not properly cleaning the environment is not our responsibility. All house hold members must be checked and treated as well to insure our guarantee.  Any family members who have lice or nits and refuses treatment makes our Guaranteed void for any family members that are getting treated.