$6 for our 4oz Spray 

Our Tropical Coconut repellent Is the perfect way to shield your head from those unwanted pesky bugs.  It helps mask  what lice love the most... Your Blood.  Head Lice hate the smell of coconut so our repellent is the perfect scent to help protect your head!  Just style your hair into a ponytail or bun and just simply spray our repellent on your hair.  No stinky essential oils are used so no one will know your trying to repel lice.  Start protecting your head now


Our Book Will Be Available SOON!

All our Tips, Tricks and Secrets on how to beat Head Lice at home Naturally will be available soon. It Contains a Complete Treatment guide for you to use on yourself or a loved one, prevention and products that really do work against the ones that Don't! Stay Tuned.