Granting Your Wishes by Removing Your Itches!


All Natural & 100% Guaranteed Head Lice Removal Service!

All Natural


Our Treatment is 100% All Natural, essential oil free and complete extraction by manually combing all lice and nits out with our Homeopathic Cream. Manual Combing Treatment is the only Head Lice Treatment method that is entirely natural, Non-Toxic and 100% Safe. Heated treatment systems can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating for families.​

100% Guaranteed


With over 9 years experience, we offer a 100% Guarantee that our treatment and after care procedures will eradicate any head lice infestation. We use an all natural approach safe for babies, pregnant and nursing moms and everyone in the family. 

We Care


 Children feel more comfortable in their own environment. Sometimes it can be scary or overwhelming for a child contacting lice for the first time. We make it fun and educating while keeping them in the comfort of their home. We arrive ready to educate and eradicate any lice infestation and to bring an end to your Head Lice Headache.