About Us


We are a family owned business and have been helping families for over 10 years!  We have suffered through our own lice experience and without professional help we would have continued to have battled it.  As a mom, I know the stress of dealing with lice and I have made it my mission to help families in my community.  With all my experience and knowledge I have a perfected technique that rids all stages of head lice safely and naturally. Unlike bigger corporations that charge hundreds of dollars,  we pride ourselves as a Smaller business in offering the lowest prices in our industry. We want you and your family to know we genuinely care about helping and not about over charging.  Don't continue to stress yourself out and handle this on your own.  With one treatment with us you are done!  

Our company allows you to actually sit back and relax during this time of crisis. Let us do all the dirty work and magically cast away your Head Lice Headache in the comfort of your Home. We have helped hundreds of families rid these unwanted critters. We provide an all-natural Head lice treatment with no chemicals or even essential oils. We strive to provide the best customer service experience and satisfaction to all our families we treat