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About Us


As a mom I have experienced lice first hand when our daughter contacted head lice from school and brought it home to share with our family. After searching online for a natural remedy, we ended up putting mayo, Listerine, apple cider vinegar and olive oil all over our heads (not at once). We smelt like a minty salad for days with no positive results in killing these critters. I then went to the store and bought the over the counter products not knowing that they were pesticides and chemicals and those didn’t even work. By this time I was crying, she was crying, we were all crying and still itching like crazy. Finally I was told about a lice removal service that used essential oil products to remove nits and lice. We went and after our treatment we were 100% eradicated however we broke out in hives all over our heads as we had no idea that we were allergic to Tea tree oil.

During this time I was in school about to graduate as an esthetician. I did alot of research on different oils and remedies for the scalp, hair and skin. I then made it my mission to go out and help others. I created a product chemical and essential oil free that contains all natural ingredients to help heal and soothe your scalp from their annoying bites while killing lice naturally.

Our company allows you to actually sit back and relax during this time of crisis. Let us do all the dirty work and magically cast away your Head Lice Headache in the comfort of your Home. We have helped hundreds of families rid these unwanted critters. We provide an all-natural Head lice treatment with no chemicals or even essential oils. We strive to provide the best customer service experience and satisfaction to all our families we treat.  Contact us now for more information!

**The above is just what we experienced with our head lice infestation. We do not claim that essential oils do or do not work. We are simply explaining how they worked with us and why we built our product around other ingredients and choose not to include essential oils.