​​​Lice Treatment Prices

$100 Per Person

Travel Charge $20

No Hourly Rates

No Chemicals or Heating Machines

No Deposits Prior To Treatment 

Our Treatment is 100% All Natural, essential oil free and complete extraction by manually combing all lice and nits out with our Homeopathic Cream and Professional Lice Comb.  


We are currently not making appointments at this time and apologize for the inconvenience.  However going forward we have set in place new safety measures. 

Safety Precautions are being taken from our Company during these times to protect your family as well as ours.  Before any treatment or Screening we will check temperatures of family members within the household and provide a questionnaire to insure safety. If anyone in your household is sick or has been sick please do not schedule an appointment until you are well. I know these are difficult times and things will not go back to the norm that we once loved for a while. Please bare with us as we are trying to insure your safety and health as well as ours. 


​If a treatment is needed we then provide FREE head checks for all family members as we feel its imperative to make sure everyone is lice free in order to offer our 100% Guarantee of making your family Lice Free!

Manual Combing Treatment is the only Head Lice Treatment method that is entirely Natural, Non-Toxic and 100% Safe. One Treatment is all it takes. No Follow up treatment needed and its 100% . We are the most affordable company in Pinellas county with the lowest prices and are proud of our 5 Star Ratings!

We Provide Post Care Instructions (available below for download), A Certificate of Treatment so child can return to school Immediately as well as a Professional Lice Comb to have on hand. 

If you request a recheck a week after treatment for Peace of mind there is a travel fee of $20 and $10 for every head needing rechecked.  (Follow ups are not necessary however are available for those who request them) 

Our Guarantee 

In order to ensure 100% Guarantee all family members must be checked and deemed lice free from Hair Fairy Godmother (even family members in divided houses) and any family members found to have lice must be treated by our technician. If you decide not to have every family member in the households checked/treated by Hair Fairy Godmother for the presence of head lice, the guarantee is void. When the Hair Fairy Godmother leaves, you and your child are no longer contagious. In fact, your child can go to school immediately following treatment.  You are guaranteed to be lice and nit-free when you follow and adhere to the simple follow-up treatment plan given to you by the Hair Fairy Godmother. Your treatment combined with the follow-up will eradicate all lice infestations.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.  It is normal to comb out some debris for a few days following an appointment. A few nits or dead lice found within the first three days after treatment does not warrant a return trip. The details will be explained completely during a treatment.  

Payment Methods Accepted

Cash, Debit and Credit. 

(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo) 



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